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"Uncover Your Business' Treasure Chests™" Consultation

Apply for a Free one-on-one Business Treasure Chest™ consultation todayand if you feel I have wasted your time, I will donate EUR25 to the charity of your choice.Limited Spots Available

I only work with a few select clients each month who meet my standards of quality and passion, and who are willing to spend money to make money.

Are you invested enough to do whatever it takes to succeed and are you willing to work as hard on your business as I am to help it grow?

If the answer is “yes”, and you’re interested in working together to help improve your business and “LEVEL UP” to new heights then please fill out my strategy and consulting application below.

Who is not a Good Fit:

If your product is gambling, porn or weapons, do not apply
If you are hell-bent on clinging to your ‘proven’ ways of doing things in your business and are close-minded, do not apply
If you are interested in using blackhat or unethical techniques, do not apply
If your product or service is perceived by your customers unsatisfactory quality or scammy, do not apply
If you want to micro-manage me or my team, try consulting
If your monthly marketing budget is below $1,000, try consulting
  • What are your top 3 challenges growing your business?
  • On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), how important is it that you get these solved..?
  • How willing are you to invest the time, money and resources to grow your business? (1-10)
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