"On a mission to assist business owners systematically and predictably generate more leads, close more sales, uncover hidden marketing assets (Business Treasure Chests™), strategically grow customer lifetime value and increase profits"


Find Out How Many Of These Common Marketing Mistakes You Are Currently Making, And How To Fix Them

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Profits Not Awards
Results Not Excuses



Let me be blunt to save your time...

I didn't become the business growth and marketing consultant my clients recommend to their peers because of my good looks.

It is simple – instead of clicks, Google rankings or fancy looking websites (although my team does it all with flying colours), I help you uncover Business Treasure Chests (hidden marketing assets... opportunities that you can monetize) and I guarantee ROI.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve perfected my ability to deliver that.


When you hire me, you’re not hiring a freelancer or a marketing student who is navigating the waters of effective direct-response and digital marketing for the first time and learning what works on your dollar. You can rest assured that I already know what works and can produce healthy profits for you.

Literally, hiring me pays for itself.”

Uldis Zalcmanis (Elite Business Growth Strategist)

Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value

Areas of Expertise

If you are anything like the typical business owner we work with and you want to generate more leads, attract more clients and make more money so that you can eliminate any current financial distress and live the life you've always dreamed of having... then pay close attention.

While common buzzwords in the modern business world are 'digital marketing' and 'social media', I encourage you to look at the bigger picture first.

While 'all sorts of digital' can most definitely be your ally, it can often be an expensive distraction or as I like to call it 'a noise' if implemented without a strategy, understanding about the limitations of each platform and, most importantly - clear strategic objective.

For most businesses (even E-Commerce), fastest and steadiest growth can be achieved by wisely combining offline and online approaches.

My proprietary business growth framework (Business Treasure Chest™) was built to look at your whole customer journey (not just a quick sale) and maximize your Customer Lifetime Value.

My Marketing and IT Agency Virtual Mavericks delivers complex IT projects as well as design, graphics, video production and marketing services.


More Leads

For most businesses, the most expensive and difficult function is acquiring new customers. We understand how to develop compelling offers, create competition-crushing marketing and generate immediate sales.


More Conversions

If clients are visiting your website or your physical location but hesitate to buy, you need help improving your conversions. Let us map out your entire sales process so both digital automations can do the work for you and your staff knows exactly what and when to do to close the sale.


More Transactions

Increasing the number of times your customers purchase from you represents a profound and simple business-building strategy that can easily double or triple your profits. Don't be like majority of businesses out there that strive to get new clients in the door but neglect the opportunity to increase 'the wallet share'.


Larger Average Sale

There are multitude of pricing and up-selling strategies that can dramatically increase your bottom line. Most prospects buy based on value not the price - position your product or service as the best deal... despite the fact that you charge double of what your competition charges.


What I Can Do For You

Consulting and Mentoring

If you're interested in discovering some of the cutting edge methods and processes that can make the difference between success and mediocrity in your business then apply now.

If we get together in a consulting or mentoring relationship, I'm sure we'll find a financial arrangement that you will find fair.

Speaking and Training

I would be delighted to consider speaking or training at your next event, company meeting or marketing gathering or even for your business association. Let's discuss how we can tailor my large repertoire of keynote speeches and 'out-of-the-box' training and courses to meet the requirements of your event, meeting and audience.

Marketing and IT Services

With the assistance of my team at Business Treasure Chest agency, we can not only create beautiful, user-friendly websites, promo videos, graphics works but also provide full-stack marketing services including profitable, technically complex sales funnels and managing all your Social Media and advertising campaigns.

Businesses I'm Involved


Marketing agency focusing on a range of performance-based  digital marketing services:

Business Consulting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), sales funnel design and implementation, PPC, social media marketing & management.

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