Imagine you... Receiving new business inquiries of top-quality leads seeking EXACTLY the products or services you offer willing to pay for them… again and again and again…


Uldis Zalcmanis

business growth strategist and SEO guy
aka ‘the least guru marketing guru in the world’

So you had a website built… or you’re still considering having one… you post on social media regularly (because social media is where every business should be on, right? After all, all these gurus in Bentleys and jets can’t be wrong… can they?) but…

Crickets in the background… you aren’t ACTUALLY generating a significant amount of sales from all that digital marketing jazz…

we have a business growth problem!

Look, here is the cold hard truth: most businesses struggle not because their logo isn’t cool enough, they chose the wrong brand colours or because they aren’t popular enough on social media.

The # 1 reason businesses struggle, often up to the point of bankruptcy, is the lack of consistent flow of high quality leads that they can turn into sales.

Here’s my absurdly obvious and not so secretive business success formula:
Generate more HIGH DESIRE leads -> Close more sales -> Make cha-ching and sing kumbaya (or whatever other thing you do when you’re happy).

“But wait, Uldis, it’s easy to say “generate HIGH DESIRE leads…”  how?”

Glad you asked.

Here’s the tricky thing with social media that so many obsess over: if you think your potential clients go on social media in the “buying state of mind” I have bad news for you – the vast majority of them, don’t!

Funny cat memes and cousin’s party pictures, motivational posters and a sprinkle of edutainment … we’ve all been there, don’t give me the look…

So, what do we naturally do when we are in a “buying state of mind” looking for a product/service?

  • We ask around.
  • We Google it.
Let me explain…

THE ONLY three types of online lead sources in the order of quality of leads

While technically my agency provides a wide range of digital marketing services, our bread and butter are building awesome websites and ranking them on Google so that you can

generate more leads and more sales due to our SEO efforts

Picture this… you open your email, WhatsApp, Messenger or whatever communication thingy you use for your business, and there are a bunch of inquiries from people considering paying for your stuff. You don’t even know how they found you… and you don’t care… you rub your hands knowing you’re about to close another sale.


Are you tired of feeling like you’re just wasting time and money on all that overhyped new digital marketing fad thing that doesn’t generate any sales?


But, hey Uldis, that sounds just too good to be true… cant’ believe everything I see on the Internet.

Show me the prooooooof!!!!

Let me paint a picture of what we can do for you with our Web Design and SEO services:
Here’s what you’re getting when you’re working with me and my team:

From 400-500 impressions to 10,000-20,000 impressions/day in less than 3 months

We got there within less than 3 months after the client was dealing with an SEO agency for 3 years, and they couldn’t get there. Yes, I’m bragging. Hate me if it’s your thing but I’m proud of what I do and what impact my efforts have on the businesses I work with. My site, my rules 😉

Are these results typical? No. Numbers depend on locations, industries, competition, what's your current state of affairs when it comes to SEO etc. IT'S A COMPLICATED STUFF WITH A LOT OF MOVING PARTS.

What I do know is that I've been ranking sites in different locations and different industries for years, and I can show you plenty of proof.

However, without looking at your specific business case, I can just shrug shoulders “who knows” [picture me shrugging shoulders as I'm too busy working on my clients' success to bother taking another meaningless picture]. 😉


Someone in your niche is currently ranking on the top and raking in all these sweet, juicy, profitable leads.

It’s either you or your competitor.
No matter what’s your current situation, it is very likely that I and my team can help.

We work with ONLY ONE PLAYER IN EACH NICHE, so whenever you're ready to fight, get in touch

Here’s what you get when you work with me. Pinky promise:

To summarize: I’m a straight talker, overzealous overdeliverer who knows what he’s talking about

(20 years experience, more than 2,000 websites built, and hundreds ranked, baby!)

+ I'm fun to be around. 😆

Are we a good fit?

Do not hire me:

Are you one of the cool ones?

Let’s get in touch and see how we can help you.

P.S. 90% of all my profits go to feed and educate children (my own). 
10% goes to feed and educate others (charity).

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